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  • Dates:FEBRUARY 04,2019
  • End Date:FEBRUARY 06,2019
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  • conducted by:Florida Hospital Nicholson Center


Interested to know the latest advanced techniques in the Robotics Series: Bariatrics?

Here is an excellent opportunity!

Save the Dates for the Clinically Focused Robotics Series: Bariatrics is organized by Florida Hospital Nicholson Center conducted by the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center

Course Location: Florida

Course Dates: February 4th to 6th 2019

Course Description

This clinically focused robotic surgery course is aimed at bariatric surgeons with a basic knowledge of robotic-assisted surgery and wish to apply a robotic approach to their current bariatric surgical practice. This unique course is a team-oriented program designed for both the surgeon and the first assist. The program will cover technical training on the da Vinci Si and Xi platforms and will include; case observations, video analysis, workflows, simulation, dry laboratories, cadaveric laboratories, and team training.

Course Objectives

  • (First Assistant) Identify the specific robotic platform components, settings, and features required to safely utilize and operate the robotic surgical platform.
  • (First Assistant) Demonstrate the proper robotic platform pre-operative setup, troubleshooting measures, and emergency procedures required to safely operate the robotic surgical platform.
  • (First Assistant) Demonstrate competency in the basic skills required for the surgical 1st assistant to include; camera navigation, instrument insertion, item transfers & hand-off’s, cutting, retraction, suctioning, energy application, stapling, and hemoclip application.
  • Recognize and articulate the roles and responsibilities of each robotic surgical team member and competently demonstrate the proper setup of the robotic surgical platform.
  • Explain the procedural approaches and technical aspects of robotic bariatric surgery.
  • Discuss indications, patient preparation, port placement, robotic docking and instrumentation utilized in robotic bariatric surgery.
  • Demonstrate the proper robotic surgical techniques to perform the creation of a gastric pouch for gastric bypass, a creation of sleeve gastrectomy, and creation of a jejune-jejunostomy.
  • Identify and troubleshoot the most common technical problems encountered during a robotic procedure.

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